Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bullying the Bullies

Yep that's right, just like the title says. Eye for Eye that is the bottom line. NO! I don't condone violence at any degree but at the same many of us have been involved in bullying even if it is us doing the bullying so therefore we can put ourselves on either side and comprehend to what I am about to write. We have been a witness to this shit for over 400 years and beyond that but that might be be beyond my own imagination and yours but as a Black American and having knowledge of slavery it is quite simple to realize that there was bullying going on during that era. Did anyone give a fuck?? No and what about the 60's and 70's era of course there were a lot of bullying going on as we saw on television during the MLK marches throughout southern cities and town across America. Now all of a sudden we have a (white) kid who has committed suicide because he was bullied. Now there is a domino effect in stories of kids who have have gotten his or her butt harassed by a so called bully. PARENTS TEACH YOUR KIDS HOW TO FIGHT!!!! There are black on black bullying and there is nothing said about it, or done about it like it is some closet type shit going on? Bullying will silence a child to the point they will not tell anyone because they are afraid. If the parents is not involved totally in that child's life they never know it's happening until it is too late. Kids will be kids and they will learn to adapt to there environment as they become a product of just that so if that environment is consist of  poverty ridden households, abusive parents, etc..If a kid is seeing his or her father slap someone on a continuous basis it will become a part of that kids life for a long time and if it starts at a very early age like year one well that kid will start bullying from that point. This is where the teachers come into play as they are the overseers for approximately 7 to 8 hours a day they are in fact the "other parent". The school systems should monitor this activity much more closely. On the other hand Kung fu is an alternative to teach kids that are being bullied NOT TO FIGHT! but to learn how to protect themselves it could be an investment that will teach kids about discipline that they fail to learn in the school system. A child will back down from a bully just af if it was his or her parents yelling to induce fear, it is one in the same. Bullying will go on for another 400 years it is something that will not be stopped it can only be contained. First impression  is always a lasting impression, shock value plays a major role when confronted by a bully.. THREE STEPS BACK AND NO MORE SO DO THE MATH! justmythoughts...

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