Saturday, January 22, 2011


 As soon as the clock hit 10 o'clock p.m. the gremlins were allowed to enter the lounge room, in other words the censorship ended and we were about to rip shit up in the lounge and this time it was the night for our newcomer/young contenders who went by the name of "STUNNA SET"

This was a good night! Stunna Set repped hard on every minute of the show it was off the chains! Shout out to the Sydney Australia based group who had all the skillz to become one of the elite hip hop groups to represent Sydney. Big H and Black Prince are two gifted artist that blessed the mic for the Cypha Lounge Monday night radio show.

They were actually the first group to come on our show and perform for the listeners and they did it with total confidence! We played a few instrumentals and Big H and Black Prince with there entertaining hardcore flow.

Big H was a beast on the mic with the looks and persona of a young Ice Cube and a style that is like an attack of a heard of elephants coming at you with a vengeance, I was amazed at his grimy and tongue twisting style! His rhyme partner Black Prince had the fire style look and a natural flow of confidence and dope lyrics, he seem to have had his own style with a sort of laid back gangsta type look and way about himself and very soft spoken but very firm.

Myself  Loc Blaque and First Lady was completely entertained throughout the show and we look forward to have S.S. back on the show soon!

Stay tune as every Monday we will showcase Australia's finest artist to bless the Mic and showcase skillz that will keep you on the edge of your seat and ears to the speaker so turn the radio's up and let the Cypha Lounge Show begin!

Peace and remember whatever it is you do best, make it manifest! One

Monday, October 18, 2010

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hip Hop is Being Abused

Everyone got there own views of how they see Hip Hop today opposed to many years ago. Now Hip Hop is nearly 50 years old and she has traveled the entire continent throughout every country even areas where the sun doesn't shine and truth be told there are a few areas of such. Artist Nas wrote a song titled "Hip Hop is Dead" now let me back up for a moment to try analyze the whole concept of that title. When Hip Hop first started in the urban community of The Bronx NY it traveled to close by boroughs such as Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island and it was embraced with opened arms, you would see that people from the ghetto felt like they finally had a voice for the people and a sound that allowed us to move according to the way we felt. You see Hip Hop was a type of music that allowed us to cope with stress, poverty, and struggle in our community and it allowed us to come closer together rather that stray apart from each other in which there were maybe 1 percent or less of the NYC black/Latino population who recognized with country music and there wasn't this think called "techno music" It was either Soul, Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll and of course House Music but as we were separated due to racial barriers, everyone had there choice of music and whatever music was played it became a part of our daily lives due to the lyrics that were spoken through the songs, yeah there were rebellion type tracks but when you listened to a lot of the music on the radio stations you hear stories of relationships, hard times, pain, etc through slow songs that would put one at ease after sipping on some cheap pink champale or old gold beer and just "cool out" I think music had some sort of control over how a person thought process went from day to day. Minorities were always struggling there were only a few who would be able to cross over to mainstream white majority during the 60s and 70s era as long as you play the "game".

Then there were the ones in minority communities who rebelled against the so called "white rule" only to be locked up in the jails or penitentiary and so it went on to just a few brothers getting together an making music by way of mc'ing and venting out there anger with music in the background and as that happened the creation of Hip Hop was being started and it became the voice of the people who wanted change. Instead of fighting one another physically a new style of battling was created called "Break Dancing" crews would go against each other without touching opposing crews just showing skills on the concrete through hands and footwork and it rendered respect. Another way of communicating was through "Graffiti" an art form that was allow artist to portray words and pictures on an abstract level as a message. This was all a cry of energy that was portrayed by individuals who became leaders and hero's in the ghetto.

The struggle continue and Hip Hop have lived through it all and now as we go into a new generation of music, lifestyles, fashion, etc Hip Hop has become a part of it all but WHY? This is a music of people who died everyday and went through torment mental and physical struggle and abuse and whoever can understand can proclaim it as OUR MUSIC. There were people who denounced Hip Hop and there were parents who would not allow the kids to listen to it because they wanted them to listen to "that" and grow up and be like "them" that's where your wrong, Tell me what is wrong and i will get involved just like any other person who have a curiosity about what to and what not to get involved in and it seem that heavy curiosity goes into what not to get involved in. Hip Hop allowed Black and Latino people to be proud because there was a style of music that allowed us to walk with pride, if you notice how we walk when we hear our music or even our swag well, that shows that there is a connection between Hip Hop and people who Love it.

But the love of this style of music have become abusive to the point it is losing it's identity. So as Nas mentioned "Hip Hop is dead" I can say not yet but it is dying slowly like cancer. justmythoughts..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bullying the Bullies

Yep that's right, just like the title says. Eye for Eye that is the bottom line. NO! I don't condone violence at any degree but at the same many of us have been involved in bullying even if it is us doing the bullying so therefore we can put ourselves on either side and comprehend to what I am about to write. We have been a witness to this shit for over 400 years and beyond that but that might be be beyond my own imagination and yours but as a Black American and having knowledge of slavery it is quite simple to realize that there was bullying going on during that era. Did anyone give a fuck?? No and what about the 60's and 70's era of course there were a lot of bullying going on as we saw on television during the MLK marches throughout southern cities and town across America. Now all of a sudden we have a (white) kid who has committed suicide because he was bullied. Now there is a domino effect in stories of kids who have have gotten his or her butt harassed by a so called bully. PARENTS TEACH YOUR KIDS HOW TO FIGHT!!!! There are black on black bullying and there is nothing said about it, or done about it like it is some closet type shit going on? Bullying will silence a child to the point they will not tell anyone because they are afraid. If the parents is not involved totally in that child's life they never know it's happening until it is too late. Kids will be kids and they will learn to adapt to there environment as they become a product of just that so if that environment is consist of  poverty ridden households, abusive parents, etc..If a kid is seeing his or her father slap someone on a continuous basis it will become a part of that kids life for a long time and if it starts at a very early age like year one well that kid will start bullying from that point. This is where the teachers come into play as they are the overseers for approximately 7 to 8 hours a day they are in fact the "other parent". The school systems should monitor this activity much more closely. On the other hand Kung fu is an alternative to teach kids that are being bullied NOT TO FIGHT! but to learn how to protect themselves it could be an investment that will teach kids about discipline that they fail to learn in the school system. A child will back down from a bully just af if it was his or her parents yelling to induce fear, it is one in the same. Bullying will go on for another 400 years it is something that will not be stopped it can only be contained. First impression  is always a lasting impression, shock value plays a major role when confronted by a bully.. THREE STEPS BACK AND NO MORE SO DO THE MATH! justmythoughts...