Saturday, January 22, 2011


 As soon as the clock hit 10 o'clock p.m. the gremlins were allowed to enter the lounge room, in other words the censorship ended and we were about to rip shit up in the lounge and this time it was the night for our newcomer/young contenders who went by the name of "STUNNA SET"

This was a good night! Stunna Set repped hard on every minute of the show it was off the chains! Shout out to the Sydney Australia based group who had all the skillz to become one of the elite hip hop groups to represent Sydney. Big H and Black Prince are two gifted artist that blessed the mic for the Cypha Lounge Monday night radio show.

They were actually the first group to come on our show and perform for the listeners and they did it with total confidence! We played a few instrumentals and Big H and Black Prince with there entertaining hardcore flow.

Big H was a beast on the mic with the looks and persona of a young Ice Cube and a style that is like an attack of a heard of elephants coming at you with a vengeance, I was amazed at his grimy and tongue twisting style! His rhyme partner Black Prince had the fire style look and a natural flow of confidence and dope lyrics, he seem to have had his own style with a sort of laid back gangsta type look and way about himself and very soft spoken but very firm.

Myself  Loc Blaque and First Lady was completely entertained throughout the show and we look forward to have S.S. back on the show soon!

Stay tune as every Monday we will showcase Australia's finest artist to bless the Mic and showcase skillz that will keep you on the edge of your seat and ears to the speaker so turn the radio's up and let the Cypha Lounge Show begin!

Peace and remember whatever it is you do best, make it manifest! One

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